Some past projects that best illustrate style and interest.

visual concept / graphic design / packaging / photography
Story > Auriverde brings authentic cultural experiences from Brazil to the people of the Netherlands. Sourced by local Brazilian people, securing the real thing from Brazil. Sold in experience "Kits". The visual concept is designed for all the future kits but the first kit in this example is a Brazilian coffee moment. Good moments for a good life!

graphic / interior / concept / web / photography
Story > Improve the neighbourhood by innovation and collaboration. MRBS12 is a small co-working space and center for local innovation at Plaza Espana Barcelona. The visual concept is based on neutrality (what is important is what /who makes the place) and flexibility. These concepts are applied to graphic as well as the interior design.
Ankh Life Coaching

#visual identity #graphic #web
Story > Balance feminine hormones through outdoor yoga bootcamps! Ankh life coaching brings harmony to women by practicing/teaching yoga in the nature of the Netherlands. The visual concept brings together nature, balance, and the feminine touch.
Previous clients / experiences / education
Some names of companies, clients, and universities that I had the pleasure to be in touch with over the years, all come with a story, feel free to ask me about it...

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I love to hear about your project, open hours thuesdaymornings between 12:00h and 13:00h @mrbs12, feel free to walk in and ask for some advice or get in touch via email.
nikoline@arns.nl / +34 671 75 22 58 / Carrer dels Morabos 12 L2, 08004 Barcelona
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Collaborators and network
A list of collaborators, trusted friends and other great profesionals:

Barcino > Print
Pedro Strukelije > illustration
Gabriele Merolli > Photography
Vislum > Design Spaces
Diego Gómez > Communication Consulting

Gerald Kogler > Developer / big data
Javier Celorrio > Design & programming


In-nest > Strategic
Angel Precht > Copywriting
Patricia Velasco > PR
Angel Anton > Marketing Digital
Tradnologies > Translations


Montse Perelló > Graphology
Efficientum > Sustainable energy
Vilaya > Medicina Integral
Executive Meditation > Meditacion
Bike > Taller Bicicle
MRBS12 > Coworking

BNI- Éxit

Alejandro Delgado > Quiroterapia
Ana Labordena > Seguros Axa
Antonio Jarque > Agua/Gas/Electricidad
Carlos de Viguri > Climatización
Esther Mas > Mediadora
Francesc Anyó > Arquitecto Urbano
Iban Fernández > Derecho Laboral
Can Fisa > Hotel/Restaurante Corbera d Llobregat
José García > Constructor
José Gaspar > Arquitecto
Laura Castilla > Abogado
Lorena Gomez > Dentista
Margarita Ramírez > Coaching
Pere Flores > Immobilario
Santiago Toda > Gestoria
Sebastian Pascual > Impressoras
Sandra Noy > Concept 360- fotografía

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