Creative brief

What is your story?
On which values is your company build?
And how to communicate these consistenly to your community?
To get these concepts across to anyone that creates content for your social enterprise, is a case of storytelling itself.

I know how to ask your team the right questions and make up a presentation that includes this comunication of the right tone, values, approach and any other concepts that are unique to your enterprise, in a language that is prepared for the design process.

With experience in #design #designthinking #circulareconomy #socialimpact #purposedriven I can guide this first step which garanties that all future design efforts will be effecient and most importantly that all visual content tells the same story: your story.

Write yours! Sign up to a Practical workshop to get handson practise in writing the creative brief.

Events content

Promote your event in photos that breath the values on which you have based your company. Your events seen through the eyes of a photographer that is natural to see these qualities, and knows how to comunicate them. Because after the events your content lives on everywhere. And sells you the next.
#innovation #social #people #beauty #authenticity.
Previous clients:

Public speaking Presentation

Speaking in public and align your visual content with your talk.
Co-create original concepts to really get your message across
Building confidence with a well prepared talk, can make a lasting positive impact
#impact #beyondpowerpoint #authentic #visual

Workshops and Sprints

To secure best quality in workshops and sprints I work together with the following experts, also because they are experts in their own fields and complement Visual content with their expertise:

Workshop/ Creative Brief

The first step towards telling your story visually.

How to secure your values are being transmitted? Write a creative brief that designers, photograpers illustraters can understand which values are key to communicating to your public. So they can design the perfect style for your social enterprise.

In this practical 4h workshop you walk out with this creative brief ready to go for your first meeting with that agency or designer.

Photo by Marvin Meyer

Sprint / Your Company Homepage

Your Homepage in 3 days.

A private 3 day intensive for you to create your homepage with a team of experts on strategy, content & design.

Co-design your homepage and quality content (Story/Content/Design) with a team of experts in the field of:
Marketing Strategy

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